• Schedule Overview

    Schedule Overview - Ethics, Integrity &Aptitude

    Schedule Overview - Ethics, Aptitude & Integrity



    1.        The danger of a single story: The story of IAS exam. Warm up case -"Ramprasad the lineman"

    2.        Discussion of ethics syllabus, its content and relevance to the exam in particular and civil services in general.                                     Ethical traps.

    3.        Understanding the basics of ethics, different types of ethics, and values as the building blocks of ethics.                                               Definitions and meaning of the generic terms used in ethics.

                 Difference between Ethics and Morality- Honestly and Uprightness-Integrity and Probity etc.

    4.         Essence of ethics/ Principles of ethics: Case on each essence of ethics will be dealt after the PIVOT session of                                   ETHICS-i.e. Approach and Framework to solve ethical cases.

    5.        Core ideas of Moral Thinkers and Philosophers of India and world.

    6.        Determinants of ethics; Dependent and independent determinants. Dimensions of ethics:

              Theories of ethics-Introduction of ethical theories, Normative, Consequential and Utilitarian theories.

    7.        Doctrine of Double Effect. Case study-"Rail Switch Problem"

    8.        Case of ethics in governance-"Friends forever" Ethics in Private and Public life

    9.        PIVOT SESSION - Approach to solve Ethical cases. Framework of Analysis,

               Dissection Tools and Iteration methods

    10.      PIVOT SESSION - Solving cases and writing answers Demonstration Case

    11.      TEST Review discussion

    12.      Case study: Cases on principles of ethics Case study: Cases on principles of ethics

    13.      Attitude -Content structure and function. Can ethics be thought? Kohlberg's theory and Howard Gardener theory

    14.      Attitude-Social influence and persuasion. 13 Principles of persuasion and Aristotle's Rhetoric

    15.      Persuasion movie

    16.      Aptitude-Foundational values for civil services, Nolan's principles. Case study: "Help and Sympathy"

    17.      Case study on foundational values Case study on foundational values

    18.      Emotional intelligence, meaning and use in administration and governance. El -Briefs on Ability Model, Traits                                        Model and mixed model of Daniel Goleman

    19.      Case study on Emotional Intelligence Review discussion on Aptitude and Attitude

    20.      Public Service Values & Ethics in Public Administration. Ethical concerns and dilemmas in Govt and Pvt.                                                   Institutions Case study-"A stitch in time, has it always saved?"

    21.      Sources of ethical guidance; Laws, rules, regulations and conscience-Case Study

    22.      Ethical issues of international funding: Corporate governance

    23.      Probity in Governance: Concept of public service, philosophical basis of governance and probity.

    24.      First and Second Administrative Reforms Commission

    25.      Right to Information Act.

    26.      Whistle Blowers Protection Act. Case study on RTI

    27.      AIS conduct rules and CCS rules

    28.      AIS Case study: "Friends forever"

    29.      Codes of ethics for public office bearers, elected members of councils and parliament

                 Cases; Watergate scandal, Lalit Modi case, Telecom Scandal, Cases of Devyani Kobragade, Sanjiv Chaturvedi,                                         Durga Shakti Nagpal etc.

    30.      Citizen's Charters, Work culture, Quality of service delivery and utilisation of public funds

    31.      Challenges of Corruption - Causes of corruption, the efforts of the state to curb corruption- Santhanam                                                         Committee, Prevention of Corruption Act, Central

              Vigilance Commission. Ombudsman, Lokpal and Lok Ayukta

    32.      Moral Thinkers and Philosophers

    33.      Moral Thinkers and Philosophers

    34.      Revision

    35.      FINAL TEST

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